Best recorder software for surveillance

Lightning fast to deploy and use

Integrated smart features

Compatible with existing systems

No running fees or annual costs.

Why choose Obseron

Safe and secure

Users have access only to the features and cameras they have been allowed access to. Connections between server and client are always TLS/SSL encrypted.

Easy to use

Searching through recorded footage or following events as they happen can be a difficult task. Obseron’s intuitive user interface makes it a breeze.


Support for most cameras and encoders on the market with ONVIF profile S and G. Works on Windows, Linux and macOS. Future proof your existing system with just a software update.

Fair licensing

Licensing is perpetual based on connected cameras. No running fees or annual costs.


Just drag and drop the cameras and widgets that you need per tab. The system grows with your needs and adding cameras afterwards is easy.

GDPR compliant

No worries. You can follow GDPR guidelines with Obseron’s privacy features.

Obseron Video Management Software

Obseron is developed with users in mind. It is easy to use and configure. But still packed with lot of features even for demanding users.

Obseron License

Prices per camera
66,75 - 84,55 Lifetime license
  • Free remote client software
  • Free mobile app
  • Super easy search
  • Try before buy
  • Easy setup
On sale

Who is it for?


To know who is going and where. Check sensitive areas. Perimeter protection.


Process monitoring

Monitor your processes in order to find bottlenecks in workflow, detect malfunctioning equipment and identify threats to prevent accidents.

Stores / Markets

Quickly see if there is suspicious activity. Better tools for security. See hotpots, with heatmap feature, store owners can see where traffic goes and place their products better and increase sale.

Small business

Even small businesses benefit from features what Obseron gives. When you check surveillance only when you suspect something have happened, you want that information to be at hand. Obseron gives you all informatien like looking youtube video.

Security professionals

Remote software made like you have control on hand. With superior technologies Obseron can deliver real time video and recorded video with amazing performance. With Obseron remote connection manager, you can easily choose where to connect.


Obseron is easy to install. Just with basic knowledge of surveillance cameras, you can setup Obseron very quickly. It basically takes IP and login information to get it running.

Absolutely amazing search features. I can now look what happened while suspect is still at store. Took forever with my previos recorder.
Store owner
My clients love this software. I can highly recommend it. Many of my clients say it's easy to use.
Security professional